Friday, May 27, 2016

The game was straight forward.  I called it:  Ice Station Zabrack!
There were four factions:  Imperial, Rebel, Hutt Mercenaries, and Snoskins (the snow loving cousins of the Tuskens).  The objective:  Senator Mon Mothma was forced to abandon ship.  She lands on Ascalon 5 and takes refuge in an old Separatist base from the Clone Wars.  The goal of each faction was to find her and return her to their respective corner for evacuation.  I was rather proud of my little creation:  I had over 400 miniatures on the table!!   And guess what....IT WORKED!!  Every player had a blast.  There were surprises at every turn.  It was cinematic!!  Here was one example:  A squad of Tuskens charged a squad of Wookiees.  Only the Wookiee sergeant survived the bloody engagement.  The Wookiee sergeant would then go on to kill the Tusken warlord in hand to hand the next turn.  Again very cinematic!!

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